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About Me

Hi I'm Nur.

I am a tech writer and operating systems research enthusiast. On this page you will find links to content I have created:
  1. Programming blog
  2. Github account
  3. Writing

Selected Publications

  1. Fast Prototyping of a Malay WordNet System
    L.T. Lim and N. Hussein
    Proceedings of the Language, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science for Natural Language Processing Applications (LAICS-NLP) Summer School Workshop, 19 October 2006, Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. Case Studies In Modern Dynamic Adaptive Operating Systems
    N. Hussein
    Proceedings of the Regional Computer Science Postgraduate Conference 2006 (ReCSPC’06), 27--28 June 2006, Penang, Malaysia.
  3. Distributed Preemptive Process Management with Checkpointing and Migration for a Linux-based Grid Operating System
    N. Hussein
    Masters Thesis
    2006, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
  4. Extending The Linux Operating System For Grid Computing
    N. Hussein, C. Kolivas, H. Fazilah, and H.Y Chan
    Proceedings of the 18th APAN Meetings/QUESTnet 2004, 2--7 July 2004, Cairns, Australia.


You can email me at hussein (at) fang (dot) unixcat (dot) org