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Selected Articles

I am a contributing writer for The following are the articles I have written.

  1. Habitica: a role-playing game for self improvement
  2. USBGuard: authorization for USB
  3. Mongoose OS for IoT prototyping
  4. Another attempt at speculative page-fault handling
  5. IncludeOS: a unikernel for C++ applications
  6. Distributing filesystem images and updates with casync
  7. Attacking the kernel via its command line
  8. The Brave web browser
  9. The "rare write" mechanism
  10. System monitoring with osquery
  11. Restricting pathname resolution with AT_NO_JUMPS
  12. Randomizing structure layout
  13. The MuQSS CPU scheduler
  14. Fuchsia: a new operating system
  15. Giving Upspin a spin

Krypton Radio

I was a part-time writer for Krypton Radio (Krypton Radio autoplays the radio stream upon loading, so this link and all the links below may result in sound unexpectedly coming out of your speakers/headphones). While the site has a general focus on science fiction and other pop culture, there is also timely news coverage on popular science and technology, some of which I have contributed and can be read via the links below.

  1. Linux Kernel Will Be 4.x Soon, Skynet's Creation Imminent
  2. NASA Orion Successfully Launches
  3. A series on ESA's Philae Lander as the news broke: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
  4. NASA MAVEN Rendezvous With Mars
  5. Legal Battle Escalates: SDCC v. SLCC (this one is a case of a legal dispute around trademarks)
  6. NASA Announces Payload for Mars 2020 Rover Mission
  7. Underwater Exosuit to be Used to Salvage 2000-Year-Old Computer
  8. Exotic Hadron Confirmed To Exist By CERN Scientists